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Solar Sipper:
The Deluxe Wild Bird Solar Sipper is ideal for keeping fresh, clean drinking water for the wild birds in your backyard. Unlike a birdbath, the Solar Sipper covers the water keeping dirt and debris out of the water while allowing birds to drink easily from the 1.5" diameter opening. The outer shell insulates the water so it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Its unique solar design keeps water thawed even when air temperatures dip as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply fill the Solar Sipper with clean water and place it in the summer shade or the winter sun.  Includes an optional mounting bracket, which screws into any surface. Holds 32 oz.
Nelson Bird Bath Heater:
    •    Fits all bird baths - pottery, concrete, or plastic, up to 10 quart capacity.
    •    Immersion-type electric heater is rated 200 watts @ 120 volts, and costs little to operate.
    •    Snap-acting thermostat keeps bird bath water at 40°-50° F. Waterproof, sealed in epoxy.
    •    Heater shuts off automatically in 60 seconds when bird bath is operated out of water.
    •    Heavy-duty electrical cord has grounded plug. Short length keeps plug off ground.
    •    Polyethylene coated aluminum sheath keeps cord OUT of bird bath water and can EASILY be shaped by hand to adapt heater to bird baths of different sizes and shapes.
    •    Stainless steel coil spring protects tubular heating element from damage by impact.
    •    Includes stabilizing bracket for use with shallow bird baths, plus hook on handle helps prevent heater from being accidentally pulled from bath.
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